partners in design crime

So excited to have two interns with me this summer. Looking forward to sharing what I've learned over the years and encouraging and equipping them for the next steps in their design careers. What a great opportunity to help them bridge the gap between school and the real world!  

These lovely ladies come from the two interior design programs at the University of Georgia. Throughout the summer they're getting experience in project management, client presentations, meeting with hired trades, and they're even getting to work on designing some spaces too! We have several projects in the works ranging from residential decorating to commercial multi-use…. kids space theming… wayfinding signage design… these ladies are working hard and getting exposure to a wide variety of design opportunities.  It's a wonderful sight to see them make the connections from their classroom learning to the field. (They're like lightbulb moments… only ours our cute edison filament bulbs…)

Meet my partners in design crime for the next few months: Lia and Christen.