project progress// heritage baptist church texarkana, tx

For the past few months we have been working with Heritage Baptist Church in Texarkana, TX developing an immersive, engaging street-themed environment for their renovated family wing. The project is getting close to completion, but we wanted to go ahead and share some of our progress! 

The church wanted a break from the original space which was quite mural-heavy and visually…well…overwhelming (lots of dense jungle…)  They knew that they wanted a street/city themed environment featuring facades that are reminiscent of actual Texarkana landmarks and chose to call the environment Kid City.  We chose a lighter color palette to help the area feel appropriate for both their elementary and nursery attenders.  We also specified a street and railroad tie floor pattern to lead you through the space.

There are more hallway facades to come as well as two large group stages for the kids! 

a panoramic of a few of the hallways

One of the city's main features is that half of it lies in Texas, and the other in Arkansas. 

A look into the future large group spaces… 

welcome to the Friendship Factory. It's for preschoolers. They make friends here ;)

 …and the Upstreet stage.  Industrial clubhouses are pretty fun too :)