giant impact lobby

GiANT Impact is a hip company.  Their lobby, on the other hand, was not.  It's tough to work on your own spaces with your company moving at the speed of light, but the GiANT Impact team knew that it just didn't fit to have an outdated space for their cutting edge staff.  We got to transform the lobby with a few simple updates that made the entry feel more appropriate for their forward-thinking team.

Working in rented or leased spaces can pose some challenges-- especially with getting changes ok'd by the landlord.  Swapping out a light fixture usually isn't an issue, but sometimes making changes to wall treatments can be.  The old lobby had columns covered in a metallic textured wall paper…a beautiful detail back in the day, but now dating the space.  Had. To. Go.  Rather than pay for the labor to get it removed and the walls refinished, we created wood plank column wraps that added warmth and texture, but actually left the wallpaper intact underneath.

The sconces got removed all-together. They weren't necessary for lighting the space and seemed to be a little overwhelming for the small area.

Another needed update was the floor…err…the dart board? the compass? sundial? The green and yellow stain work drew a lot of attention to itself.  We had the floor resurfaced and restained a rich brown.  Getting stained concrete the right color can be a challenge-- it's a variable process with a pretty unpredictable outcome-- I like to tell the installer "make it look like you poured Coke on the floor." I think he did a good job :)

The team needed a spot for mail coming in and out, so we used a credenza at the entry and added art that the team had from a recent event.

 A few simple fixes for the team's new entry space!